If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or digital marketer looking to reach your ideal customer, you’ve come to the right place…

I know what it’s like to have to balance your marketing while dealing with daily interruptions like team management, sales calls, making sure bills are paid and a fresh pot of coffee is brewing for a late night ahead…

I’ve been doing all of that while raising a family and graduating college…

Whether you just realized you need to start with Content Marketing or you’re a seasoned inbound marketer, I’m here to help.

Where are you “stuck”?

If you’re stuck in your business (like I was) it’s most likely because you either lack a system, struggle from information overload, or just need an extra hand implementing your strategy.

These are the top three areas I see most businesses struggling in:

A. website setup
B. website traffic
C. website conversions

I know these three areas very well because I’ve struggled with each of them…

For 9 + Years I’ve FAILED and Succeeded.

I’ve failed so you don’t have to anymore.

I built my first WordPress site in 2006. I launched my first streaming video site in 2008. I wrote my first successful email campaign in 2009 (yes it took me that long to realize the money is really in the list), started my own marketing consulting company and have launched several e-commerce sites of my own.

I enjoy helping people – it’s what gets me up in the morning.

This blog is all about helping you find and engage your audience using content marketing strategies I’ve tested and succeeded with over the years – Everything from SEO, PPC to Social Media.

This site can help you in TWO ways:

1. Weekly articles and HOW-To’s based on what is working in content marketing and what is not working.

2. One-on-one consulting and Freelance services designed to help you grow your business, engage your market and ultimately get more customers.

Give me a chance to help you. Simply fill out the contact form below for a free 30 minute consultation so that I can see if my experience can help your business.

From the simple to the complex, here’s a sample of the services I can provide you:

The non-tangible, soft-skills you can’t teach:

Master communicator, Team-player, Adaptable, Exceptional Listener, Nice Guy, and Problem Solver (the’re always a solution, you just need to be open to finding it).